The 4th Walk for Edie will be on September 15th, 2019. 

Why walk?

For Edie, walking was therapy for the body and soul. Walking helped keep Edie focused and grounded in good times and bad. It was her release, her way of keeping fit, relieving stress, and simply achieving a sense of well-being.

Edie embraced life every day and it always included a walk along one of her favorite routes. As everyone who knew her would agree, Edie stayed connected with friends and family by inviting them to join her on a walk. When we think about Edie, we always remember how much she enjoyed walking and talking along the way.



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Event Information

Location & time



  • From Lynch Park, turn right on Ober St.

  • Turn slight left on Neptune St.

  • Follow Neptune St. towards Pickman Rd.

  • Turn right onto Pickman Rd.

  • Head north on Pickman Rd. towards Hale St.

  • Turn left on Hale St.

  • Follow Hale St towards Lothrop St.

  • Turn left onto Lothrop St.

  • Head southwest on Lothrop St towards Independence Park (Wilson Ave)

  • Turn left on Independence Park and follow the “lower” walking path towards Lothrop St.

  • Turn right onto Lothrop St.

  • Head northeast on Lothrop St. towards Hale St.

  • Turn right onto Hale St. and slight left onto Ober St.

  • Head east on Ober St. towards Lynch Park

View a map of the route (PDF) →


Thank you to The Painted Pastry for supporting For The Love of Edie